Longhorns and Bluebonnets – a Classic Texas Image

I traveled many miles this spring scouting out locations for potential Texas Wildflower images. Usually, bluebonnets appear along the roadsides in late March, then spread to the fields as the spring moves along. After the time for bluebonnet pictures passes, the fields of the Texas Hill Country come alive with reds and golds of firewheels and coreopsis. With the lack of rains from the fall of 2012, the spring of 2013 was disappointing. Our Texas wildflowers were not as abundant, and even the sides of the road were lacking the usual blue color of bluebonnets.

The Texas Hill Country did not have much to offer this spring, so I loaded up the SUV and spent some time in Ennis, Texas. There, I traveled the dirt roads that branched off from Ennis’ famous “bluebonnet trail.” Despite the Ennis tourist board claiming this would be the best year for bluebonnets in 30 years, the Bluebonnet trail was not so great this spring, with only a few locations that had patches of bluebonnets. On one of the roads, however, I came across a ranch that raised Texas Longhorns. Several of these regal creatures roamed this field, and there were even wildflowers in the field! Over the next few days, I stopped by this location frequently, hoping the longhorns would wander into some the patches of bluebonnets. On the last morning I was there, my persistence paid off. I was able to use my telephoto lens and capture images of longhorns in the bluebonnets. I spent nearly an hour here and was able to photograph the longhorns nuzzling each other, toying with cowbirds, and generally enjoying their field of Texas Wildflowers.

Here is one of the images from that time in Ennis, Texas – Longhorns in Wildflowers

Bluebonnet Pictures - a longhorn plays with a cowbird in a field of Texas Wildflowers

in a field of bluebonnets, I saw this Longhorn and Cowbird playing in the morning light. I’m not sure what was being said – maybe they were talking about plans for the weekend – but they were certainly engaged with one another.
I had set out on this morning to find fields to capture some bluebonnet pictures, but instead spent a while photographing several Longhorns in this patchwork field of blue and yellow Texas wildflowers. It was a good morning. Sure beats and office job!

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