Texas Bluebonnets and Wildflowers, Spring 2013

Texas Bluebonnets in the spring of 2013?

I drive hundreds of miles each spring in search of our amazing state flowers. Some years are better than others. The verdict on the spring of 2013 is still to be determined. Several factors affect the proliferation of Texas Bluebonnets and other wildflowers, including rains in the fall, cold weather, and rains in the spring.

Texas Bluebonnets from the spring of 2012.

Texas Bluebonnets from the spring of 2012.

Rains in October and November were fairly sparse. Some areas received adequate rainfall, others did not. I know here in the hill country west of Austin, we have not received as much rain as we’d like. Still, I’m seeing bluebonnet rosettes on the ground in nearly every field I’ve searched, including on my own land!

They are there, looking healthy, waiting for rain.

I would venture to guess this year’s bluebonnet crop, as well as other Texas wildflowers, will bloom earlier than normal. The long term weather forecast show us above average in temperature, and we’re already having warm days, even in the 80s in February. I really think we’ll find bluebonnets begin to bloom as early as late February and early March, especially south of Austin down near San Antonio.

As blooms begin, I’ll start posting where and how much. Please feel free to check back or email me if you have any questions. In the meantime, here is an image from one of my favorite stops last year. Just south of San Saba I found this amazing field of bluebonnets with an incredible sunset. The winds were perfectly calm as a storm had just passed through. I did not see another person the entire few hours I was there.

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2 thoughts on “Texas Bluebonnets and Wildflowers, Spring 2013

  1. Do you think the wildflowers will be earlier in 2013? It seems like an early spring to me.
    Where to go to get some good photos this year?

    • Hi Rufus,
      Thanks for looking. Right now we need rain. I do agree with you. I think what wildflowers we do see will come early… possibly even by mid-March. Our land has bluebonnets on it and they are coming along nicely (just wish there were more of them!) but they need rain. It seems the rains really came on strong east and north of Austin (by 50+ miles)… and maybe the San Antonio area received some rain, too, but I don’t follow that as closely.

      I’ll keep my eyes open and certainly post on here as soon as I see some good bluebonnets! Please do the same :-) It is always a group effort.

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